My Story

 Born and raised in the Bay Area, I battled depression, abandonment, homelessness and suicide attempts through my early 20s. It wasn't until I shifted my mindset, that I was able to radically change my life.

- I am a highly intuitive, certified Reiki practitioner and Tarot reader

-Founder of the Dream Formula

-I received a 2019 Woman of Valor Award for my success and philanthropy

-I was a judge for the 2017 Miss Teen pageant 

-I received a degree in Social Science in 2009

-I opened the Shear Passion hair salon at 26 with no loans or credit cards and was making 6 figures within the first 2 years

-Purchased my 1st home at 30 and the 2nd by 32

-Traveled the world with my family and explored places such as London, Spain, Paris, the DR, Cuba, Mexico and most of the United States

 -Learned about different people, cultures, religions and ways of life which gave me a much fuller perspective and inspired ongoing involvement in charity work

-As a licensed cosmetologist and salon owner for over a decade I learned early the importance of following your passion.

-I regularly go into homeless shelters to provide free services for men, women and children over the last 5 years with Haircuts with Heart, we have been featured on the news and in several magazines for our work

My results oriented coaching stems from both my education  and my life experiences. I learned to overcome feelings of being stuck and unfulfilled, chronic depression and unsatisfaction. I found the joy of living your purpose, discovering your passion and standing in your power. I learned to balance my career with my husband and  children, while also expanding spiritually. During this time I discovered the power of meditation. I invested in countless programs, training, life coaches and mentors. I now use the knowledge I have to fast track others to success. Having a coach, being in a program and creating a personalized plan can move you into a life you've only dreamed of. With the right tools I learned anything is possible and it is my passion to share that with others.  


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