How a small decision can turn your life around

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step." Lao Tzu

What's one decision? Sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. One decision to take a trip to the grocery store could result in you meeting the love of your life. A moment of kindness to a homeless stranger could restore his faith in humanity. The decision to explain to your child instead of yelling at them could raise their self esteem. The decision not to try that drug on a night partying with your friends could keep you from a life of addiction. Choosing not to get in the car with the stranger who offered you a ride could save your life, or spare you from getting raped. Your decision to get an Uber after a night of drinking could save your life. Ok you get the point. What is life but a series of moments and decisions?

How can we ever know where our choices will lead? Well a lot of times we can't. What we can do is trust our intuition. That little voice inside, our gut feeling, that odd way of knowing what can't yet be known. And when that voice isn't whispering to us, we can simply start by making small choices. We must understand that long term habits, repeated behaviors and ultimately the course of our lives begin with small choices. Choosing to stop the negative self chatter and speak kindly to ourselves will change our self esteem. Choosing to enroll in school, class by class, will eventually get us to a degree. But the degree begins with the decision to go to school. The decision to pursue our passion could lead us to a succesful career where we are happy, appreciated, properly compensated and totally fulfilled. It begins with the decision. Then we must choose to take action. We must decide to jump into life and not just sit by and watch. Decide on a goal. Figure out the necessary steps to accomplish those goals. Then start. Start somewhere, anywhere. Just start. Then remember to enjoy the journey.

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